Kamis, Juli 16, 2009

ngomong ke orang tak dikenal

iseng-iseng buka omegle terus dapet chat log yang rada lucu nih. buat yang belom tau, omegle itu adalah web untuk chat dengan seseorang tapi kita tidak bisa tau kepada siapa kita sedang chat dan dia juga tidak tau dia sedang chat dengan kita. yang ditampilin disini cuma you = kita dan stranger = teman chat kita

nih beberapa chat lucu gue di omegle

hoax adv
You: i'm not a female if you want to ask
Stranger: NOTICE TO PARTICIPANT: The Central Intelligence Agency has logged a record of this chat along with the IP addresses of the participants due to violation of United States federal law. VIOLATION: Solicitation of a minor. IMPORTANT: If you believe this chat to be logged in error, please state your reasons to the C.I.A. Monitoring agent observing this chat and quote reference number 3744956127. Failure to do so within the next 2 minutes will result in your IP address being entered in our criminal database and prosecution. Your IP address has been recorded by the Child Internet Service Protection Agency. Please wait while reference code 3744956127 is entered into the database.
You: not important for me
Stranger: ah wow
Stranger: someone who doesnt go first off with that
Stranger: XD
Stranger: how you going?
You: fine thanks
You: i laways ignore that kind of hoax adv
You: how your going?
Stranger: lol
Stranger: im going fine
You: i'm not a female if you want to ask
Stranger: box of chocolates + finding people who arent afraid of all that cia shit
Stranger: its awesoem
Stranger: mm
Stranger: i am female
Stranger: if you want to know
You: i'm not:D
You: lol
Stranger: gah
Stranger: so many
Stranger: people that are like
Stranger: >_>
Stranger: lame
You: why?
Stranger: idk
Stranger: /i/
Stranger: like to have fun
Stranger: is my best answer XD
You: lol
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

2 kali nyangkal "keisengan" dia, pasti kesel tuh orang.... hahahaha
ada 1 lagi nih

talk about politics
You: i'm not female if you want to ask
Stranger: I don't mind
Stranger: I just want to enjoy the chat
You: fine
Stranger: what about you?
You: just wasting my time in front of my computer
You: what topic you want to talk about?
Stranger: any kind!
Stranger: which country are you in?
You: in southeast asia
You: what time is it on your place know?
You: now
Stranger: REALLY?
You: sure
Stranger: I am in taiwan
You: is taiwan part of china?
You: still confused with this
Stranger: hmmm....this is a very tough question
Stranger: I don't know either
Stranger: some say yes, while others say no
You: and you say yes or no?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

jadi jawabannya apa nih?

ketemu "saudara"
You: i'm not female if you want to ask
Stranger: www.sukatoro.com
You: apaan tuh?
Stranger: i have many balls
You: fine
Stranger: bagi cendol gan :malu:
You: belom ISO gan
You: bagi dong
Stranger: ah payah
You: baru setengah jalan
Stranger: di omegle malah ketmu kaskuser
You: hahaha
You: langsung post nih?
Stranger: mau nyari mangsa laen ah
Stranger: post apa?
You: g deh
Stranger: chat ini? hahhahaha
You: boleh
You: bilang ke gue biar gue pertamax
Stranger: jgn2 ini mimin :hammer:
You: dah lama nih dapet
You: bukan
Stranger: kaga ah,tar kalo ngepost ini dapet bata.kaya orang yg laen
You: pada dapet bata ya?
Stranger: hoooh
Stranger: serem
Stranger: temen saya aja bikin langsung di lock
Stranger: padahal baru 6 postingan
You: hahaha
You: bikin thread ginian?
Stranger: iye
Stranger: mangkanya serem
You: id lo apaan?
Stranger: mau tau aja :o
You: hehe
You: siapa tau ntar kalo dah iso bisa ngasih cendol
Stranger: mau nyari mangsa laen
Stranger: dadah
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

hahaha, ketemu kaskuser disini

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